Happy New year everyone! At first, I didn’t plan to set myself any New Year resolutions or goals this year. Why?



In Life and Online!

Happy New year everyone! At first, I didn’t plan to set myself any New Year resolutions or goals this year. Why? Because I’d completely failed at most of the ones, I set myself in 2018, and I was really disappointed in myself. But having spent a lot of time thinking over Christmas, I decided that 2019 will be the year when I will focus more on myself and attempt to make the dreams and plans I’ve had since 2009 come to life. It’s time!

Most of my goals this year have something to do with my online work. I desire to have a profitable online business one day soon. I can’t stop thinking about how delighted it will feel to finally be able to work for myself, all while doing something I love. Wouldn’t it be great to be your own boss and write your schedule every day? I can’t wait to start working flexible hours. Who knows, I might end up making enough money to afford to start traveling.

I don’t usually like sharing my personal goals. However, I now believe it is a good idea to share with you a few goals that have preoccupied my mind for the last 18 months. I have not been the most consistent with my personal goals, so I feel that talking about them now will motivate me to start working on them finally. If you’d like to find out what my online and offline goals are for 2019, keep reading.


My main goal this year is to focus on my blog. I’ve been blogging on and off since 2013 but I have never been very regular with it. So this year as I’m starting over fresh, I’m planning to be more consistent with my posting schedule, and I’m going to make sure that I share quality posts only as well. I never really like to set a schedule with my blog as when I do, I never seem to stick to it. If my batch content writing goes as planned I plan to publish two posts a week.
 Make sure you follow me on this journey to see if I keep up with it.


Instagram is my favourite social media platform. But ever since I signed up on it, I’ve failed to be consistent. So I have resolved that one of my goals this year is to be more consistent with posting there. I’m not going to say I’ll post every day as I don’t like to make that much of a commitment, but I will be posting more than once every few weeks. Also, as I’ve started over with a new Instagram, The second part of my goal is to hi 1k followers by the end of the year. Probably won’t happen, but I’m going to spend a lot more time connecting and engaging with other Instagrammers in a bid to grow my following.

Me in a blue maxi dress


Another goal for the year is to become more fit and healthier. I started  in 2018, but wan’t to continue it into 2019. When it comes to food, my new mantra this year is “less is more.” So I’m going to be eat less and exercise more. (Not that I’ve ever been a big eater over the years, I just want to cut down on my carb and sweet treat intake.)


It’s all right to write because you love it? Hey, who doesn’t want to have a community of readers that can’t seem to get enough of their blog posts? So I will work on growing an adoring community around my work. I feel that ever since I’ve started blogging, I’ve never really been part of a community, and this needs to change. So I will work on growing the community for my blog. So hopefully, one day soon I can get regular and returning visitors to my blog and make some online friends.

Me in a blue maxi dress


It seems like there is a thousand and one things to do every day. At the moment, I don’t have any time left after I’ve gone to work, done day-to-day stuff, written my blog posts and do what I need to do to promote my site on social media. So I’ve decided at this point in my life I will still post to YouTube now and then, but I will make my main focus my blog.


I’ve noticed over the past few years I spend too much time online. So this year I will be making more of an effort to switch off from the Internet a couple of nights a week.

Me in a blue maxi dress

I love hearing about other people’s goals, so let me know one of your New Year’s resolution/goals?

xoxo   The Cooper Edit



Me in a spotted maxi dress
Me in a spotted maxi dress
  1. You’re well on your way to achieving those goals. I just say keep at it and if you miss a deadline, do t sweat it ..just pick yourself up and get back on the horse.

    1. Thank you. Will defiantly remind myself of your comment when I’m stressing out about completing my goals.

  2. This is such a great list of goals to accomplish in the new year. Mine look very similar to this!

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