Dear diary, welcome to my first entry. Many moons ago I wrote a diary, when I was on holiday at center park and loved it, but sadly lost the diary and have never picked up once since. In more recent years since I’ve started blogging I’ve been writing update posts about my life ever now and then. So thought why not try to make this a more regular thing and start a weekly diary. I suppose I could just vlog, like most people do, but I’ve tried in the past to daily vlog, but found myself really boring to watch so new others would. So decided not to continue (I will however still be vlogging from time to time).

I thought about doing the old pen to paper again, but I feel like that’s old school and the thoughts of having to carry a bulky diary around with me put me off. So thought why not just write diary entries on my blog. That way I won’t lose it, and also I can share with everyone who reads my blogs snippets of my not so exciting day-to-day life. This past week has been super hot 35°C+ every day, but despite the heat. I decided what better time than ever, to start working on getting fit again. So I and My Mum have been setting our alarms and haven been getting up at 4:30am 3x this week (as that’s the only time it’s cool) to go walking. I would like to go walking every day but it would just be too draining.

I’ve then combined that with doing one of those 30 day at home exercise challenges. So we will see how long that lasts. As normally I stick at it for like a month or 2, then life gets in the way and before I’ve realised 3 months have passed, but this time I’m determined to stick at it and not give up. After years of being inconsistent I’ve been working on upping my Instagram game which your think would be easy, but having to find/take photo’s, work out captions hashtags and then engage with people can be rather time consuming. So I’m going ot working on scheduling my Instagram so that I can use my time better.

I’ve also been aiming to post at least once a week to my blog and although its early days so far it’s been going great. That great I’m in the planning stage of aiming to post 3x a week to my blog, which when I entered the blogging world 9 years ago I never thought would happen. I also have something scary and exciting on the cards so if all goes to plan I should be able to share it with you all sometime over the next few weeks.

picture of mooloolaba beach

Thanks for reading dear diary No. 1, I know these posts aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but no need to worry as I will still be talking about lots of other topics on my blog.

xoxo   You Me and Thee


picture of palm tree
picture of palm tree

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